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    Medicare Annual Open Enrollment: Five tips to survive the season

    It’s vital to check which Medicare plan will best cover your medical needs in 2024. Plan costs and coverage can change each year.

    Will your current plan meet your health needs and budget? Will it cover your prescription drugs? If not, it’s time to find a new plan.

    Here are some tips that will help you with your decisions:

    Don’t miss your deadline – Part D and Medicare Advantage plan members can switch plans between October 15th and December 7th.

    Make sure your plan will be offered next year – Be sure your plan will be offered in 2024. Open all mail from your current plan. If your plan is not going to be offered, start your search early for a replacement.

    If your plan will continue, check to see what it will cover next year – Insurers can change plan benefits, provider networks, and out of pocket costs. Be sure to review your annual notice of change. It will arrive by mail in September and supply details regarding:

    • Monthly premiums and annual deductibles;
    • Co-pays/co-insurance;
    • If your prescription drugs will be covered and at what costs;
    • If your doctors will continue to accept your plan;
    • Which extra benefits will be covered, if any.

    If you want to switch, do your research – Don’t pick a plan because the sales agent tells you it’s great, or because your neighbor swears by it. Use the tools on to determine which plans are right for you and compare costs. You can enroll online right then and there.

    Need assistance? Get help from PA MEDI – Call PA MEDI at 267-880-5700 to ask questions or schedule a personalized counseling appointment. Our highly trained counselors will help you to understand your benefits and provide free, unbiased information regarding plans for the upcoming year.

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