Honey Hair Studio’s got the fix for summer hair damage


Chlorine is a potent chemical commonly found in swimming pools, and while it disinfects the water, it can wreak havoc on our hair.

Exposure to chlorine can lead to chlorine-damaged hair, leaving it dry, brittle, and prone to split ends.

The harsh chemical strips the natural oils from the hair shaft, resulting in a lack of moisture and elasticity.

Repairing chlorine-damaged hair requires a combination of preventative measures and restorative treatments.

To minimize damage, wet your hair before swimming, as it can reduce chlorine absorption.

Additionally, wearing a swim cap provides an extra layer of protection.

To repair chlorine-damaged hair, deep conditioning treatments are essential.

Use moisturizing hair masks or natural oils like coconut oil, argan oil, or shea butter to nourish and hydrate the strands.

Regular trimming of split ends will prevent further damage and promote healthier growth.

At Honey Hair Studio, they can help repair and rejuvenate summer damage for a fresh start this fall.

PHOTO CAP: Honey Hair Salon carries top-of-the-line chlorine treatment products for your hair.


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