Neurodegeneration should be the diagnosis for Parkinsons, MSA, dysautonomia, tremors, dementia and Alzheimers

    submitted by Dr. James F Farley, DC, MS, BA, BS, BCIM, FAAIM, FAIS

    All of the diseases listed above are just names to describe symptoms and do not consider a very in depth understanding of the process of neurodegeneration. It is much more accurate to view all of these diseases as one underlying mechanism called neurodegeneration. If we do not connect these diseases to one underlying cause, then we cannot address the underlying root functional causes.

    One of the main mechanisms for neurodegeneration is the process of neuroinflammation.

    There are four stages to microglial cell neuroinflammation, and these cells make up the immune system of the brain and nervous system. Stage 1 is the acute stage, stage 2 is the chronic stage, stage 3 is the primed stage, and stage 4 is the neuro autoimmune stage. Without understanding the stages of the neuroinflammation, it is my opinion that the patient will never slow the process down and will rapidly decline with time.

    The other key areas to access are the mechanoreceptor/proprioceptor activation input from the body. Two other things to consider are various types of anemia, and the person’s nutritional status.

    To manage symptoms solely with drugs results in very unstable conditions because the underlying root functional causes have not been addressed.

    Our office provides expertise, analysis, and assessment of a person’s level of adaptability. Once a person’s level of adaptability has been established, then a specific plan of action aimed at correcting, improving, and optimizing function can be established.

    If you’ve been suffering and in constant worry maybe it’s time for a new opinion, and not another second opinion!

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