Spotlight: Wild Birds Unlimited

Liquid gold – Providing water for birds in summer heat

You’ve done it! You’ve created a great habitat for our feathered friends by providing birdfeeders, maybe a few nestboxes, and plants that offer cover and other resources.

Now more than ever birds need a fresh source of water for hydration and a cooling bath. While they can fly to the nearest creek, they’d much rather limit the expenditure of energy in the summer heat and find something closer.

That’s where you come in!

Bird baths have come a long way since the immovable statue-like structures your grandmother had. A variety of materials from lightweight plastic to painted glass as well as concrete or carved stone are now available.  They come in many sizes, colors and shapes and cater to the décor or desire of your backyard.

Maintenance is easy but important. Bird baths that provide the ever-important drink and bathing site for birds in summer do get dirty.

The birds never seem to mind but it’s best keep the baths clean by hosing them out and when necessary, using a coarse brush to clean the surface. They are best placed in a spot that gets only partial sun – full sun might facilitate algae growth.

Keeping it in some shade also reduces evaporation, some of which is inevitable in mid-summer. Finally, cleaning it regularly keeps mosquitoes out. 

Add a Dripper to create ripples which catch the attention of birds in the tree canopy, or a Mister which replicates a gentle rain under which birds regularly bathe. Or a Water Wiggler to just keep the water moving.

Stop into the store and start a pool party in your backyard!

Wild Birds Unlimited is located between Peddlers Village and Doylestown on Route 202.

PHOTO CAP: A constant source of wonder and a splashing good time!

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