Spotlight: The Birches at Newtown

    Memory care makes a difference

    Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are most associated with memory loss. Although this is true, the illness does affect other aspects of the brain.

    For Betty*, dementia had manifested as disorientation. Her familiar home became challenging to navigate, causing her to feel nervous and anxious.

    Making a move to memory care has helped manage her symptoms. Daybreak at The Birches at Newtown, our secure memory care community, provides a calm setting with a structured program that supports Betty’s changing needs.

    Specially trained caregivers offer gentle reassurance to make her feel safe and comfortable. The individualized care and attention Betty receives in Daybreak have helped her experience moments of joy. She is more at ease and carries a smile and twinkle in her eye.

    Betty was born in England during the war. Her family traveled around because her father was a serviceman. They later settled in Manitoba, a Canadian province.

    “It was a big change because it was very cold,” she said fondly, reflecting on this particular time in her life.

    “Instead of trekking through the snow, we would skate down the middle of the street to school,” Betty said. “There was no such thing as snow days; you went regardless!”

    She also was part of a choir and loved to sing church music.

    “But I like all kinds of music; music is very important,” Betty said.

    What does Betty like most about Daybreak? She gets to meet her morning crew each day for breakfast and follows up the afternoon with one-on-one therapy services, attends a fitness class, or listens to live entertainment.

    On occasion, she enjoys the opportunity to get a mini-manicure. All of these services are available to her on-site.

    “I believe in doing just about everything!” she noted.

    *Editor’s Note: Betty’s name is changed to protect her privacy. 

    PHOTO CAP: Image depicts what life could have resembled for Betty in her youth, her fondest memory of skating to school during the winter months’ in Manitoba. Photo credit:

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