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    Cosmetic Botox now available as an additional service

    In the last couple of issues, I’ve addressed changes in dentistry and the importance for the dental team to stay abreast of the technological advances in the field. A common theme in business is that the only constant is change.

    To that end, our office and dental health team have aspired to stay current, not only with technological advances, but also with our patients’ needs and wants. The popularity of reality make-over shows (in the early 2000’s) increased the general population’s awareness of cosmetic dentistry.

    Patients became knowledgeable about veneers and teeth whitening, among other cosmetic procedures. At the same time clear teeth aligners (orthodontics without the hardware) allowed adults to pursue straight teeth without wearing the metal braces of their teen-age years.

    Dental consumers desired a pleasing aesthetic look, in addition to healthy teeth and gums, from their dental teams. As cosmetic dentistry became so widespread, extensions of these services have increased.

    Recently I wrote about the use of Botox for therapeutic issues (e.g., TMJ/TMD disorders, headaches, teeth grinding). This Botox therapy requires additional training for the dentists, who are already experts in facial anatomy and who routinely give injections in the mouth.

    Now many dentists are offering cosmetic Botox, as an adjunct service for patients. This cosmetic procedure nicely complements cosmetic dentistry and gives the patient a safe place to receive these facial esthetic services.

    Botox is routinely used for facial wrinkles, mainly in the forehead, eyes and mouth areas. A dentist certified by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (or another professional organization) can provide these services efficiently in a comfortable environment.

    Another benefit to receiving Botox and/or derma fillers in your dental office is that the procedures, which take only minutes, can be combined with some other dental procedures, for instance your teeth cleaning. 

    Call our office at 215-364-2420 and ask about these exciting options for a younger face and a beautiful smile.

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