Migraines end with neurofeedback

    submitted by Maria Di Donato DEd, BCN, PA Licensed Psychologist, PA/NJ Certified School Psychologist

    Henry (not his real name) a young man from Lambertville, had a history of migraine headaches that were very disabling. Their onset was so sudden that they would end whatever activity he was doing, and often involved aura and nausea. Their severity was so great and duration so long that he could be laid up for up to a day and a half.

    They were destabilizing because their onset was unpredictable, and if they occurred during work, he would have to leave work. He was referred to our office by a close friend who knew of the success of neurofeedback.

    During intake Henry reported also experiencing mild symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as sleep issues for difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep with frequent waking during the night. He also indicated he was experiencing a migraine.

    Neurofeedback was begun and gradually Henry reported that the migraine dropped from a level of six to three in severity.  It dropped down through the session until it felt like a headache, and by the end of the session it was gone. He also reported “feeling really good” which was unusual for him.

    By history, Henry reported having migraines once or twice a month. In the following weeks, the migraines were reduced and sometimes only appeared as headaches.

    Gradually, sleep issues were also resolved. Henry’s treatment also included autogenic training to improve stress management.

    Gradually the time between sessions was increasing until by the 12th session, after several three-month intervals, he happily reported being migraine free. Henry reported feeling better and much happier.

    Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback that helps re-train the brain to produce more positive brainwaves. The process helps reduce many emotional, behavioral, and cognitive problems.

    It is both non-invasive and safe and unlocks the healing power of the brain.

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