Is a cure possible or is it pure propaganda?

    submitted by Dr. James F. Farley, DC, MS, BA, BS, BCIM, FAAIM, FAIS

    Many times as I speak with patients who are desperately looking for better outcomes and results, I’m asked about the most propagandized concept in healthcare today, which is the word “cure.” We have commercials promoting cures, we have 5K runs and other events for the cures, we have pink shirts for the cures.

    All of these concepts reinforce the false premise that with more research dollars comes a pharmaceutical magical “cure.”

    You also should be aware that even the definition of cure can be skewed. For instance, if a cancer patient has no recurrence for five years, they are considered “cured” even though after seven years they pass away.

    How does this make sense? The starting point to understanding the ability of our bodies to cure themselves must be based on function, proper anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry function.

    Another word for function is adaptability. For a cure to ever truly be found, we must aim all of our efforts towards the ability of humans to adapt better to external and internal changes.

    If health is the ability to adapt to these changes, the next question must be, “Will drugs ever provide this desired outcome?”

    A common statement that I make often around my office is that “No drugs are required for health!”
    So if drugs are not required for normal function of our bodies anatomy, physiology, or biochemistry, then we should all come to the conclusion that they don’t hold the capacity to cure us of anything.

    Instead they simply and barely manage symptoms, create side effects, and become toxins that result in dysautonomia and are guaranteed to lower our adaptability and health on a long term basis.

    When our adaptability declines due to drugs, we are inversely increasing our allostatic stress load and overwhelming our brains and bodies ability to ever heal. Only through education can we experience an awakening of our minds and bodies to the possibilities of healing.

    PHOTO CAP: Dr. James F. Farley, DC, MS, BA, BS, BCIM, FAAIM, FAIS

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