ECI’s March Sadness HVAC Giveaway

    March Sadness made its second debut, giving homeowners who are in need of an upgrade a chance to display their sad, inefficient HVAC systems and battle on the “basketball court” for a brand-new system worth up to $20,000. On Monday, April 3rd, UConn beat San Diego State in the NCAA Championship game.

    And with that, one of our lucky teams received a brand-new HVAC system! Our winner, Kathleen, found our March Sadness Giveaway online, and knew this was her chance to (slam) dunk her old system for good!

    With a system that had been running for 60 years, Kathleen fittingly named her team #TeamPrehistoric, as everyone agreed it was the oldest HVAC system they had ever seen. We were thrilled to help them bid farewell to their outdated furnace and central air conditioner, replacing them with a state-of-the-art Trane XR14 heat pump. 

    Installing a Trane XR14 heat pump will provide her with a reliable, energy-efficient solution. Heat pumps are the greenest HVAC systems currently on the market!

    Heat pumps function as both a cooling and heating system meant for supplemental heating. Heat pumps are fully powered by electricity, so they generate less carbon dioxide than traditional methods powered by oil or natural gas.

    With their extreme efficiency, they significantly reduce your home’s environmental footprint and energy bill. Trane XR14’s main benefits- environmental friendliness, year-round comfort, quiet operation, and durability made it the ideal choice for our homeowners.

    To enhance her HVAC system even more, we upgraded to a Google Nest thermostat. Its intelligent learning and remote accessibility allowed Kathleen to effortlessly control temperature, create customized schedules, and receive energy-saving tips.

    Lower energy bills and greater comfort were guaranteed. ECI is thankful for such a great community to give back to.

    We are so happy that we could provide Kathleen with a brand new system to enhance the comfort in their new home, and we thank everyone who participated in the giveaway!

    PHOTO CAP: Jeremy from ECI and March Sadness winner, Kathleen

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