Spotlight: Joe McIlvane Tree & Lawn Service

Spring is a season of new beginnings, growth, and renewal for trees. With warmer temperatures and longer days, trees are coming out of their dormancy and beginning to leaf out.

As an expert arborist, I highly recommend that homeowners take this opportunity to inspect their trees and ensure they are healthy and safe. Tree inspection in the spring is crucial because it is the time when trees are most vulnerable to pests and diseases.

Early detection of any issues can help prevent further damage and promote healthy growth. Here are some things to look for when inspecting your trees:

Leaf buds: Check for signs of new growth on branches and twigs. This indicates that the tree is healthy and actively growing.

Branches: Look for any dead or broken branches that need to be pruned. These can be hazardous and cause damage during storms or high winds.

Trunk: Inspect the trunk for any signs of damage, such as cracks, splits, or cavities. These can weaken the tree and make it more susceptible to disease and insect infestation.

Roots: Check for any signs of root damage, such as heaving soil or exposed roots. This can be a sign of poor soil conditions or construction damage.

Pests and Diseases: Look for any signs of pest or disease infestations, such as discoloration or damage to leaves, branches, or bark.

If you notice any issues during your inspection, it’s important to contact a professional tree care service, such as Joseph McIlvaine Tree and Lawn Service. They have the expertise and tools needed to address any problems and keep your trees healthy and safe. Don’t wait until it’s too late to address any tree issues.

Contact Joseph McIlvaine Tree and Lawn Service at 215-322-8394 or visit to schedule a spring tree inspection today. Your trees will thank you for it!

PHOTO CAP: Spring is the time to assess the health of your trees!

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