Kin Wellness and Support Center ‘Cover Our Rent’ program gains momentum

    Kin, a 501(c)3 non-profit, is an all-inclusive Wellness and Support Center providing FREE holistic services to cancer patients and their caregivers across Bucks County. In January of 2023 the non-profit announced a new program where community members, foundations and businesses pledge to cover a month of Kin’s rent in 2023.

    Kin Founding Partner, Cathie Getchell is the latest member of the community to get involved and covered Kin’s rent for May 2023.

    Previously Corinne Sikora’s sister Megan Transue-Thorne (and family) collected money on Corinne’s birthday to cover Kin’s rent via a social media campaign and The Christina and Tyler Roy Foundation happily provided funds to cover Kin’s rent as well.

    This program, coined “Cover Our Rent,” is in the process of realizing its full potential as more and more people sign on to pay a designated month of Kin’s rent. Those interested in supporting Kin can contact the center at 267-544-5981 or

    Executive Director Keith Fenimore shares, “This is a fun way for donors and supporters to give in a very tangible way.  Our rent is one of our largest monthly expenses, lifting this financial burden has an immense impact on our non-profit. We are so grateful, and hope others will be inspired to step up and join Cathie, The Transue Family and the Roy Foundation!”

    By the community. For the community. Learn more about Kin at

    PHOTO CAP: Cathie Getchell (center) with her dog, Bean, and Keith (left) and Kristina Fenimore (right).

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