Is treating diseases the best approach to health?

    submitted Dr. James F. Farley, DC, MS, BA, BS, BCIM, FAAIM, FAIS

    Our current healthcare system, run mainly by allopathic medical doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, can never return a person to health. Let me explain. A person begins to get symptoms, either acute or chronic, only when the adaptability of their brain and body are no longer able to change as required to stay healthy.

    Imagine a person’s health as a cup. As it fills with liquid, this represents the body dealing with stressors. Eventually the cup will overflow, which presents itself as symptoms in the body. Symptoms do not show until 85% of the cellular system is depleted.

    They can be seen as warning signs that changes are happening in the body, and that other changes are required. Symptoms do not always mean “bad,” and symptoms do not always have to be suppressed.

    In 1956, Hans Selye, MD, wrote “The Stress of Life” after assessing patients who had various symptoms and diseases. He created the term “stress”, which he separated into three components. He explained that these symptoms, previously named diseases, were actually diseases of adaptation.

    They were the best the brain and body could do with all of the stressors occurring inside an individual. These diseases of adaptation are our brains and bodies trying to survive the stressors.

    Genetics are only 5% of the cause of all diseases, per the Human Genome Project that was conducted from 1990-2002. A family history of disease DOES NOT mean genetic. Epigenetic (outside) stressors account for 95% of diseases.

    The answer to our healthcare problem, especially chronic conditions, is to abandon the concept of treating disease with drugs and surgery. Instead, begin investigating why the brain and body are not adapting and what you can do to allow it to begin to work properly again.

    Health is about proper function and restoring proper function to increase adaptability. Drugs and surgery are crisis interventions and should only be used in emergencies. They are NOT healthcare.

    Only through education can we leave behind the horrors of disease care that we call healthcare.

    PHOTO CAP: Dr. James F. Farley, DC, MS, BA, BS, BCIM, FAAIM, FAIS

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