Gardner Family Chiropractic applies unique technique to help relieve headaches


by June Portnoy 

There’s nothing worse than trying to function all day with a tension headache, or worse yet, a migraine! Many headache sufferers race to the medicine cabinet to pop pills to try to alleviate their symptoms, and before long are locked in a cycle of headaches and overmedication.

Plus, recent studies show that a growing number of headaches are caused by the very medications taken to alleviate them.

Fortunately, Dr. Tony Gardner has had very successful results treating headaches using a safe, painless technique that requires no surgery and no medicine. He uses a low-force, gentle, technique that is very effective. Plus, you won’t hear any unpleasant cracking or popping sounds that many people associate with chiropractic adjustments.

Applying his unique techniques, Dr. Gardner has eliminated headaches that no other doctors could. One of his patients, Linda T. Blahr, had used over-the-counter medications and seen various doctors about her chronic headaches that wouldn’t go away. In a thank you letter to Dr. Tony, Linda wrote, “After just one visit, I felt better. It was the first time in a long while that I didn’t have a headache.”

Because of all the positive feedback Dr. Tony has had with his results-driven gentle chiropractic technique, he received the distinction of being voted the best chiropractor in the Philadelphia area by Mojo Awards, affiliated with He is also an active member of the International Headache Society and the American Headache Society.

With several certified massage therapists on staff at Gardner Family Chiropractic, Dr. Tony sometimes incorporates massages with his technique to treat headaches.

 “We don’t just treat your headaches and send you on your way,” says Dr. Tony. “My practice is about learning, understanding and taking care of your body to improve your quality of life.”

Therefore, after eliminating your pain, he then focuses on ensuring that your pain does not return. He also encourages patients to come back for preventative maintenance appointments.

“Although it’s a misconception that once you begin chiropractic care, you must continue it for life, I do strongly recommend that you return routinely for check-ups, as you would return to your dentist to make sure everything is still okay,” says Dr. Tony.

Dr. Tony, who has been in practice since 1997, treats entire families from infants through seniors for all types of pain relief and wellness services. However, since June is Headache Awareness Month, Dr. Tony invites you to receive a free consultation to see if your headaches will respond to his chiropractic treatment.

“Once I adjust your spine, allowing your body to function properly, the sky’s the limit!” says Dr. Tony.

If you’re frustrated living with headaches or migraines, now is the perfect time to get help. Call Gardner Family Chiropractic to schedule your free consultation at 215-547-1977.  It’s located at 225 Lincoln Highway, Suite 140 in Fairless Hills.  For additional information visit

PHOTO CAP: Office Manager Bonnie Ibisi and Dr. Tony Gardner, D.C.