Foundations Community Partnership

Foundations Community Partnership (FCP) serves as a philanthropic grant-making foundation supporting the behavioral health and human service needs of children and young adults in Bucks County. FCP provides a unique set of services across the Bucks County community, supporting a wide variety of nonprofit organizations – from museums and nature preserves to facilities for medically fragile children, among countless others.

“We have the unique opportunity to collaborate with all these folks who are striving to have a positive impact in our community,” says Ron Bernstein, Executive Director, FCP. “We constantly see the fruits of our efforts and it’s extremely rewarding helping to improve the quality of life among Bucks County youth and their families. Seeing the life-changing work of such organizations never fails to inspire us.”

FCP has awarded over $3.6 million in grants and scholarships in Bucks County since 2007.

This financial support takes the form of several types of grants: Bucks County Innovation and Improvement Grants, Capital Improvement Grants, Partnership in Youth Service Grants, Emergency Grants and Technical Assistance Funding. Foundations also awards scholarships to Bucks County high school seniors through its Partnership in Education Program, subsidizes service learning internships for college students selected for the Foundations Summer Youth Corps, underwrites community education programs, and supports behavioral health education.

FCP also coordinates a “Summer Youth Corps” that provides students with paid internships at local nonprofits that serve children, youth and families in Bucks County.

It’s a win-win for the students and the organizations, said Bernstein.

“The Summer Youth Corps interns gain practical experience while working in the community,” he said. “The agencies benefit from having bright, motivated students assisting them.”

FCP brings leading clinicians to Bucks County to present professional education workshops to local educators, counselors, parents, and mental health professionals. With a focus on behavioral health issues inherent in children and youth, they offer programs on conditions such as autism, conduct disorder problems, anxiety, child abuse, and ethics, bringing in experts from Johns Hopkins, Columbia, NYU, Drexel, Thomas Jefferson University, Kennedy Kreiger Institute, etc.

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Photo Cap: FCP Summer Youth Corps, back row, from left, Jamie Driscoll; Kailey McCrorey; Ryan Devlin; Vlad Chutchev; Cassandra Alexander; Shaina Shikoff; Catherine Stanell; Ankita Patel; and Nicholas Parsons; front row, Morgan Bryan; Marissa Cubbage; Jessye Kurtz; Pooja Gandhi; Alyssa Gubicza, Graduate Field Supervisor; Jade Hebling; Danielle Stark; and Madeleine Weick.