Spotlight: Wild Birds Unlimited

Attract bluebirds to your backyard

One of the most favored birds in our area is the Eastern Bluebird.  Bluebirds are typically seen as a symbol for happiness.

All bluebirds are cavity nesters and will use an artificial nest box. They have made an incredible come back due to thousands of bluebird nest boxes being installed across the country.  Nesting occurs from March to August so now is the time to get your boxes up and cleaned out.

Bluebirds may raise two and sometimes three broods per season. They tend to return to the same breeding territory year after year and some stay year-round.

House Sparrows are still an issue, but decades of nesting boxes being provided for bluebirds have helped the population recover.  Now is the time to stop in to Wild Birds Unlimited and learn about the nest boxes and other items we offer to target Eastern Bluebirds.

Next boxes come in a variety of materials – some have observation windows and some are sparrow-resistant. We also carry feeders, mounting poles, bark butter bits and mealworms (both dried and live) – their favorite food! With the right set-up, you can enjoy these special birds on your property too.

Wild Birds Unlimited is located in Buckingham Green Shopping Center on Route 202 between Peddlers Village and Doylestown. Hours are 10:00am-6:00pm Monday through Friday, 10:00am-5:00pm Saturday, and noon-4:00pm Sunday.

Shop online at All orders over $75 ship free within 150 miles. We also offer curbside pickup and local delivery…just e-mail Lisa at or call 215-794-3888.

We are fully stocked for all your birding needs including our Nesting Blend that has just arrived. It is specially formulated with essential protein and calcium.

Along with a high fat content to provide exactly what the birds need to see them through the pre-nesting, nesting and molting.

PHOTO CAP: Lisa Mergen with WBU’s seasonally savvy “Nesting Blend”

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