Spotlight: Weekday Nursery School

    Since 1958, Weekday Nursery School has nourished young minds and hearts through play.

    In a welcoming and warm environment, Weekday is the ideal place to introduce preschoolers to a love of learning. Here, children develop critical social skills and discover the importance of being a part of a classroom community – a key to kindergarten readiness.

    In developmentally appropriate ways, our play-based learning program offers children so many varied experiences like music and movement, visual arts, literacy and STEAM activities, community service projects, Yoga, Spanish, mindfulness, class trips, and so much more.

    To find out more, please join us on April 1st at 1:30pm for our Open House “Eggstravaganza.” Bring your little one(s) along to participate in an Easter egg hunt and live music!

    PHOTO CAP: Weekday Nursery School students love spending time together on the train!

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