Spotlight: Moku Bowls

People often ask us why we opened Moku Bowls. The simple answer is “We wanted to make a quality product and offer people fresh, healthy food.” After 5 + years that sentiment still holds true.

There are many quick service food options, but few provide customers with fresh whole foods and the convenience of grab and go service.
When Moku opened, we worked with many different food distributors until we found ones that meet our quality standards.

Once we established these relationships, we partnered with these companies to ensure our customers would receive the highest grade of products at a competitive price…then COVID hit. The pandemic wreaked havoc on many industries but especially the food industry. During the early stages of the pandemic Moku closed.

As the weeks went on, we realized that the financial powers that most restaurants rely on; banks, landlords, insurers etc. were not deferring entitlements and expected their monthly payments. We found ourselves in a difficult situation and had to react quickly. With limited staff, we improvised, and with the help of our loyal patrons we were able to ride out the pandemic.

Then price increases hit us at an expeditious rate. Our food cost doubled and increased wages were needed to support our staff. We tried to maintain our prices, but inflation finally forced us to raise them. 

Unfortunately, the increases were not taken well by some customers. They felt they were not getting the same value for their money.

Franchises and corporations can leverage lower food cost unlike small restaurant businesses, whom are at the mercy of the market, like us. So next time you stop by, please know…we did not stray from our commitment to offer high quality foods or skimp on portions.

We are doing the best we can.

PHOTO CAP: How Moku Bowls survived the pandemic

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