Spotlight: Joe McIlvaine Tree and Lawn

As the weather turns and landscape maintenance and mulching gets underway, here are some tips to keep in mind to maintain the health of your plants and trees. It all starts with good soil and proper mulching.

Mulch should be applied under trees, shrubs, and around planting beds to a depth of 3-4 inches. Pull mulch away from the bases of tree and shrub trunks. Do not pile it up against the trunk or make the bed a volcano.

Excessive mulch on the trunk causes moisture to build up, creating ideal conditions for insect pests, diseases, and decay. It also can cause false rooting for trees. This scenario will eventually lead to the tree failing at the base.

Continue the mulched area out to the drip line of the branches, or at least cover a 4-5ft diameter area around the trunk. The mulch ring does more than add a nice look to your landscape. It also protects the trunk from mower and weed whacker damage while controlling the environment in which the roots can grow.

Mulch will help with moisture control, temperature control and as it breaks down adds fertility to the soil. However, too much mulch will create adverse conditions for the plant material. So as your landscapers start spring maintenance make sure the application is done correctly.

If you have any concerns or would like a quote for tree and landscape maintenance call 215-322-8394 or visit us online at

PHOTO CAP: Be sure to use proper mulching techniques to keep your trees healthy.

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