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Orthodontics and the Pandemic: Innovations that are here to stay

The Covid-19 pandemic demanded we change the patterns of our lives overnight, forcing millions to stay in their homes for months on end and reordering the usual ways of work, education, and even healthcare. Suddenly, we needed technology-driven innovations not soon, but now.

Dental and orthodontic offices were not immune. It became necessary we make changes and from necessity came the mother of invention.

At CG Orthodontics we have made several investments that may have been birthed out of crisis, but are now here to stay. The evolution of virtual consultations has allowed for countless patients engage with us like never before! Patients can explore treatment options and the amazing transformation that can be achieved before ever stepping into the office.

Likewise, we have made our office fully textable, both through our website and our office phones.

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, there could be a wire poking or something that just doesn’t feel right. It can be more than just the literal pain to come into the office. Now it’s so simple to text an image to the office and have a solution within minutes. That maybe an at-home solution that will hold you over until your next appointment or scheduling something earlier to have it addressed.

And orthodontic treatment has never been easier. A common misconception is the frequency of appointments while in treatment.

Technological advancements have allowed significant improvements in treatment efficiency. Instead of seeing the orthodontist every two to four weeks, we are seeing braces patients every two months and clear aligners patients every two to three months on average. While we want you to look forward to your appointments with us, we understand you have competing activities for your time.

Similar to the way in which orthodontics can improve a smile, CG Orthodontics’ commitment to self-improvement is designed to make each day better.

Call, text, or connect with us virtually today to see how we can make your orthodontic treatment convenient, efficient, and most of all fun!

Contact our office at 215-355-5995 today or visit

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