Spotlight: Bruder Electric, Inc.

Landscape lighting increases the both the curb appeal and safety of your home. Spring is in the air, the birds are out and pollen is even collecting on the cars. It’s that time of year again.

Time to start the spring clean-up, planting, and getting ready for the season that’s ahead. As you tend to your gardens this year, give Bruder Electric, Inc. a call and let us help you make that garden look beautiful both day and night with your own customized landscape lighting system, designed specifically for your home and garden. 

Landscape lighting isn’t just for showing off your botanical beauty, it also serves as one of the most elegant and subtle security lighting systems. We will design a system that illuminates your home and your garden in such a manner that will act as a deterrent anyone that may be casing your neighborhood. 

If your home is illuminated in a manner that someone entering your property could be seen, that person will most likely look for a house that is dark and allows them to move freely. There are several ways to create scenes in your gardens and on your house.

One way is to flood your plants and trees and let the residual light dimly illuminate the area around them. Another way is to light upwards on the house behind the plants and trees, creating a silhouette behind the plants. 

Yet another way to elegantly light your home and garden is from above. Recessed lighting installed in your soffits with downlighting will illuminate your home and your garden with enough light to provide you with a measure of security as well. 

Give Bruder Electric, Inc. a call today at 215-956-0988 and let them provide you with a professional design and that will not only beautify your home but also makes your home safer as well.


PHOTO CAP: Call Bruder Electric for a customized landscape lighting design. 

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