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Free Lunch and Learn on dementia

Perhaps nothing rivals the debilitating and deadly condition of dementia, for which there is no current medical treatment. One of the known causes of dementia is a buildup of abnormal protein in the brain.

A 2022 study showed that a protein called heat shock protein, expressed when the body is at a higher temperature, actually caused abnormal proteins in cells to refold. This may explain the reduction of incidence in dementia in people who regularly take sauna sessions.

Supplementation of a specialized turmeric extract was shown to halt cognitive decline in the majority of patients in the study, while a mint extract helped sleep and spatial memory. Come to our free lunch-and-learn where we’ll discuss other clinically-proven treatments that have been shown to help cognitive decline, and about commonly-prescribed drugs and conditions that cause memory loss. 

Call our office for information on upcoming dates and to reserve your space. 267-406-0782.

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