Spotlight: William Penn Bank

Proudly serving our local communities for over 150 years

While a lot of things have certainly changed in the past 150 years, especially how we bank, one thing that has remained a constant in our communities is the presence of William Penn Bank.

William Penn Saving and Loan Association, founded on January 1st, 1870, and named after the founder of the Province of Pennsylvania, William Penn is now known as William Penn Bank and operates 12 branch office locations throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The mission of William Penn Bank is to provide superior customer service in the retail and business banking industry by serving their customers to the best of their ability in a professional, ethical, and courteous manner, while striving to enhance the economic value of the Bank for the benefit of our shareholders, our community, our customers, and our employees.

Putting their customers’ needs and the needs of the community first for 150 years, they have helped people and local business reach their goals and live their dreams. William Penn team members work closely in their communities to develop and enhance partnerships with organizations committed to responding to the needs of those in their respective communities.

In conjunction with the banks initial public offering, William Penn Bank set up a Charitable Foundation to help provide funds to charities in need. The William Penn Bank Community Foundation focuses on programs in our local communities that support community and economic development, health care and human services, and education.

They are especially passionate about helping local communities and families in need and strives to aid and opportunities to improve the quality of life for people of low income, especially families in crisis or at risk. Since its inception in 2008, the William Penn Bank Community Foundation has provided in excess of $1.1 million in financial support for these types of programs.

To learn more about William Penn Bank visit or visit one of their local branch offices. 

PHOTO CAP: William Penn Bank has seven offices in the local Bucks County Area

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