Spotlight: Dao Concepts, LLC

Tony Jackson is the owner of Dao Concepts, which focuses on Tai Chi, meditation, and self-defense, located in Lower Bucks County and now practicing out of River Rock Healing Arts, 1 S. Main Street Rear, Yardley. Tony has studied Tai Chi for over 25 years. He wanted his company’s name to express the belief system of Tai Chi.

The Dao in Dao Concepts is a Chinese term that means the way or the natural order of things. Tai Chi is essentially movement without stress.

Tony currently offers individual training for those who want to learn the ancient martial art of Tai Chi. In addition, he also teaches his black sash/belt students monthly at the River Rock.

While classroom Tai Chi is suitable for most students, Tony believes Tai Chi is most effective when embraced by an individual that needs to discover something within. Tai Chi isn’t just the latest fad in living a healthier lifestyle. He prefers to teach those who are drawn to Tai Chi so he can help them reach their full potential through one-on-one training.

“One journey, many pathways. Those who practice Tai Chi, yoga, or meditation are typically searching for something. Whether that’s better health, mental clarity, or relief from constant daily stress.” Tony says, “a structured program can be developed for you to better address your personal journey.”

“Stress is a big trigger for everyone,” he said, “I’ve had to assess and make changes. I know how hard that can be.”

Tony has made it his life’s goal to help others through his teaching by showing them Tai Chi becomes a lifestyle change. He wants to help other people who need such a change, and how taking that step can lead the way to a less-stressful life.

“The concept of Tai Chi is just that, it uses the body to retrain your mind by putting an individual in “Learning Mode” again.

By creating new neural pathways through learning Tai Chi, an individual develops different mechanisms for handling the stress and negativity that is all around us. The active meditation associated with Tai Chi, slows your brain down, refocusing your “energy or Qi.”

‘We are all made up of energy. How we use it will determine whether we have a life that is full of happiness or a life that is full of stress,” says Tony, “Tai Chi allows us to live more like the sea turtle vs. the hare. One lives a longer peaceful life vs. a life full of fear and anxiety.”

In his earlier career in the corporate world, Tony learned that corporations are living entities that need to invest in themselves if they want to grow and compete in an ever-changing world. Invest in yourself as well. Learn to appreciate the here and now. Be present in each moment instead of worrying about the past or having anxiety thinking about the future. Allow Tai Chi to show you the path to a more peaceful life.

Stop rushing to places you don’t even want to be in the first place. Tai Chi will slow you down and teach you to take deeper breaths. It will teach you to live a peaceful life, like the sea turtle.

The sea turtle’s life is surrounded by danger. Yet it still lives in peace and so can you.

For more information about individual training in Tai Chi, please contact Tony Jackson at Dao Concepts, LLC at (703) 980-8630, e-mail at or visit Embrace your journey today and let us help you discover the way from within.

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