Spotlight: Accela Healthcare

Accela Healthcare is celebrating their one-year anniversary this month. The team has over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare field. They currently have two facilities, Accela Rehab and Care Center at Somerton and their other location is Accela Rehab and Care Center at Springfield located in Springfield Township, Glenside PA.

Accela Healthcare is a patient and customer service focused healthcare center that offers both short term stays and extended care stays. Their goal is the satisfaction of the patient above all else.

Specializing in individual care for the patient, Accela prides themselves on identifying the needs of individuals where most care facilities utilize a blanketed approach.

The sub-acute care division is a step-down from the hospital level of care, Accela will bridge the gap between the hospital stay and going straight home, they assist clients with being equipped to lead life close to what the patient had been used to.

Contrary to popular belief, a stay at in a sub-acute physical rehabilitation facility is not an impediment to getting home, the goal is to get the patient home so they can experience the highest quality of living they can experience, the goal is to get them back to where they were, their baseline, if you will.

The main goal for Accela is to maintain the dignity of the patient, as they help the individual work towards the return to their lives and be as close as possible to their prior level of function, or to give them the skills they need to flourish at their new baseline.

Accela maintains their own staff, via employee appreciation, and recognition. Their belief is that through these programs they will recruit and maintain staff that takes pride in their roles.

All in all, leading to better care for their patients. Accela takes pride in the community that they are representing.

Both properties are undergoing extensive renovations to help reflect the neighborhoods they reside in. They are also working on upgrades that will allow patients who need the service, to utilize an in-house dialysis machine so that patients do not have to leave the facility and then come back, thus losing valuable rehab time.

A stay at Accela is not an impediment or a roadblock to care, it is to help to ensure the patient a successful journey to recovery. It is clear that Accela is raising the bar for expectations of care and quality.

To schedule a tour or to book a room, please contact Lisa York at 215-341-1766 or via e-mail at, or on their website.

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