Spotlight: Save The Cats Inc.

    A voice for animals

    donated by VCA Neshaminy Animal Hospital,

    Save the Cats Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the stray cat population of Bucks County and surrounding areas. Its mission is to educate the public about spaying, neutering, and responsible pet ownership.

    Since the group’s infancy, they have rescued, placed, and spayed thousands of felines. They are on a continuous mission to help as many cats as possible.

    Save The Cats Inc. has been rescuing cats and kittens for over 25 years and their volunteers continue to “go to the streets” to help those that are most vulnerable. Save The Cats Inc. is a foster-based group. This means that cats and kittens are placed in the safety of foster homes until they can be adopted.

    Applications are required for consideration for each adoption, and vet references are required of applicants. This is to help ensure that the animals that were once homeless don’t wind up that way again. The volunteers at STC, work hard to place all their rescued animals into loving permanent homes.

    Another important goal of the group is to promote the spaying and neutering of all cats that are old enough to have surgery.

    Thanks to local veterinarians such as those at VCA Neshaminy Animal Hospital, local pet stores that allow the group to show adoptable animals and spay/neuter assistance programs; Save The Cats Inc. has been able to make a marked difference in the lives of thousands of cats that would otherwise be on the streets struggling to survive.

    Each year there are an estimated 920,000 shelter animals euthanized each year. It is Save The Cat’s goal to help reduce that number by being a part of the solution and helping to spay, neuter and “save the cats”.

    Marnie Wolk, President and founder of the group firmly believes in the following quote by an unknown rescuer, “Rescuing one animal might not change the world, but for that one animal, the world will be changed forever.”

    It is the group’s mission to change the world for as many cats and kittens as they can. For more information about Save The Cats Inc. and a link to donate to their cause, visit their website at or on Facebook at

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