Spotlight: Royal Billiard & Recreation

Just two miles . . . A world apart

We had one exciting year last year. Celebrating 40 years in business, selling the building we had been in for 28 years, and moving to our new building was, well, a lot! 

Moving just one pool table is not easy, my amazing team moved over twenty.  I am so grateful to them! After the dust settled a bit and the doors were open at the new store it started to happen . . . the two-mile move felt like a 10-mile move. 

It is crazy what a difference just two miles can make.  One of our first customers in the door said “Wow, how does it feel to be out of the boondocks!” 

I started to debate the small distance between locations and quickly realized that the perception between the two locations was stunning!   Customers kept coming in and asking how we liked our new location. 

Before we could really get out a response, they would start to tell us how much better this location is because we are so much closer to “things” and that the traffic out front will make us so much more visible.  I listened and nodded in agreement while thinking, isn’t it the same traffic that went by us just two miles north?

It was fun watching the younger service team get so excited about all of their new lunch spots and picking which to try each day.  And I have to admit, I felt a similar excitement. 

Our large home improvement store, that we visited almost daily, is now very different. Our grocery stores and gas stations have changed. Just two miles . . . but a world away. 

Please visit us at our new, much more southern, location! Royal Billiard & Recreation is located at 515 Bethlehem Pike, Colmar. Call 215-997-7777 or visit for more information.

PHOTO CAP: The crew at Royal Billiard & Recreation, from left, Connor, Jackie, Billy, Alex, Audra, Dave, Kent, James, drink a toast to 40 years in business.

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