Spotlight: AJ Foundation For Children With Autism

    The AJ Foundation For Children With Autism is a local non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with autism and their families.

    The AJ Foundation (AJF), formed in 1997, began as a family’s personal journey to help their son, who diagnosed with autism at two-years-old, was lacking the resources needed to provide him the opportunities that every child deserves.

    Since then, AJF has become a highly respected organization serving as a resource to many families and bringing awareness to the autism community. 

    Proceeds from AJF’s efforts go directly towards supporting the Comprehensive Learning Center (CLC), one of Pennsylvania’s first highly specialized private schools for children with autism, opened by AJF in 2000.

    Student programming includes education in all academic areas in a full-day program for children between the ages of three and 21. Pre-vocational and vocational training is provided for students of transition age.

    For those students, CLC offers an Adult Life Skills Program so that services may continue past the age of 21.

    CLC utilizes the scientifically-validated procedures of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to prepare their students to be as independent, self-sufficient, and social adept as possible so they may be active, contributing members in their families and communities.

    The success of CLC’s program is directly related to the ongoing support of The AJ Foundation’s fundraising efforts.

    AJF’s goal is to provide CLC with funds needed to meet the growing needs within the autism community.

    Since 1997, AJF has served as a beacon of hope for many families in the Greater Philadelphia area.

    With the tools provided by CLC, and the awareness promoted through The AJ Foundation, both foundations work towards creating equal opportunities of health care, socialization and employment for the individuals served.

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    PHOTO CAP: Riders take off at The AJ Foundation’s 15th Annual Ride 4 Autism held this past September, helping to raise over $148,000 for Comprehensive Learning Center, a private school for individuals with autism located in Warminster!

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