Eight healthy aging resolutions for older adults

    submitted by Beth Herman for Amada Senior Care

    When we feel more balanced and in control of ourselves, we are better equipped to nurture, care, and relate.

    1. Determine Your Purpose – Determining what’s really meaningful to you in your life and moving toward achieving it can make all the difference in handling negative forces.
    2. Do Something Unexpected for Others – Do things for other people – even something very small; it both makes their day and lifts your spirits more than you can imagine.
    3. Eat a Balanced Diet and Healthy Snacks – A balanced diet, and frequent small meals or healthy snacks to keep blood sugar constant, makes a significant difference in mood and immune health.
    4. Sleep to Repair, Restore and Recharge Mind and Body – Sleep restores both your mind and body. Without enough good sleep, your system doesn’t function as well as it should.
    5. Keep Moving to Lessen Depression and Boost Health – Exercise releases stress, anxiety, and tension, also relieving depression. Choose to do something you enjoy and you’ll be more likely to stick with it.
    6. Connect With Others – Studies show that people who engage socially live longer, strengthened by close relationships with family and/or friends. So even if you think don’t have time, make time.
    7. Be Positive, But Not to a Fault – Acknowledging our thoughts and feelings, and expressing them responsibly, is a key factor in good emotional health.
    8. Practice a Little Gratitude – It’s not a cliché. Being thankful for even one small thing each day, writing it down and keeping it in front of us or top of mind, can have a powerful impact throughout the day.

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