Bucks County Coroner Meredith Buck, RN, JD announces candidacy for re-election in 2023

    Today, Bucks County Coroner Meredith Buck, an Attorney with 22 years’ experience and Registered Nurse recipient of the international Florence Nightingale Medal, formally announced her plans to run for re-election in 2023. Buck states, “I took office in January 2020, and within six weeks the global pandemic struck. My office had to quickly adapt and I was honored to help shepherd our community through this unprecedented crisis,” explains Buck. Since January 2020, she has overseen the investigation of more than 6,800 death cases and the issuance of over 12,000 cremation permits. In fulfilling her responsibilities, Coroner Buck and her staff streamlined operations while working closely with the various agencies, both the state and local Health Departments, and law enforcement, including the FBI when needed, in identifying decedents and determining the cause and manner of death of all sudden, unexplained, and violent deaths in Bucks County. 

    As an attorney, Buck understands the legalities involved in her job and knew right away all COVID-19 related deaths were statutorily required to be investigated by the Coroner’s Office. In addition to the increased case load caused by the pandemic, she was responsible for providing guidance to all Bucks County hospitals, long-term care facilities, and funeral homes on how to handle the deaths caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.  Throughout the pandemic she identified gaps and helped to provide Bucks County funeral directors with personal protective equipment (PPE) and get them moved up to the first vaccine phase, as they were often forgotten.  

    As a nurse and the first woman ever elected Coroner in Bucks County, Ms. Buck believes it is critical to present a softer, more compassionate side to the office in her interaction with the community, especially with grieving families, and in helping the public understand the vital role of the Coroner’s Office. She credits much of her success to her dedicated and hard-working staff. She and her staff have work diligently to address the situation she inherited involving Bucks County’s unclaimed decedents. Since taking office, Buck has collaborated with the community and the media to reunite many unclaimed decedents with their loved ones. She and her staff make it possible for many unclaimed Veterans and their spouses to be properly laid to rest at Washington Crossing National Cemetery and other National Cemeteries in the Commonwealth. Finding a proper resting place for the remaining unclaimed in Bucks County continues to be a top priority for her.  

    As Bucks County Coroner, Meredith Buck fiercely advocates for her constituents to make certain her office receives the resources necessary to get the job done. Buck proudly states, “I truly care about what we do and I am not afraid to do what it takes to get the job done.” Although the past three years were riddled with barriers and complications, she has honorably served and accomplished much including streamlining and improving the operations of the Coroner’s Office through innovative and updated case management system and increasing morgue capacity, while fostering better communications both internally and with outside agencies. Still, Buck recognizes there is more to be done. Her unique skills as a nurse and attorney helped her successfully navigate the challenges of the job and that is why she is asking for the voters’ support on Election Day, May 16th, 2023. “I want to continue to serve the people of Bucks County compassionately and professionally in helping to get them through what is often the worse time of their lives.”




    PHOTO CAP: Meredith Buck, RN, JD

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