African American Museum of Bucks County announces Black History Month programs

    The African American Museum of Bucks County (AAMBC) is embarking on a tour to local schools and will be exhibiting at the Bucks County Administration Offices and Justice Center in Doylestown in commemoration of Black History Month.

    These visits are occurring simultaneously with the renovation of the Museum’s new permanent home at Boone Farm in Middletown Township.

    According to AAMBC President and Executive Director Linda Salley, “While the renovation of the museum’s new permanent home in Middletown Township is moving along, AAMBC, as a mobile and virtual museum, remains an important educational resource throughout Bucks County.”

    School Programs: “Who Am I” Pop-up Exhibit: The Pennsbury School District elementary school program has asked the museum to develop a program for fifth grade students from nine elementary schools across the district. The “Who Am I” Pop-up exhibit, will run for two full days, on February 8th-9th and will be hosted by Manor Elementary School, in Levittown, reaching over 1,100 students. In addition, on February 15th and 16th, the AAMBC will present this popular exhibit to almost 1,500 students at the Bucks County Technical High School in Levittown. 

    The exhibit features six stations, each representing a different era of American History.

    Teachers will be given “pre-work” featuring a short bio of some African Americans included in the exhibit to engage students in the classroom before visiting the stations. 

    Museum representatives at each station will then educate students on the African American experience of that era. 

    Students will be challenged to identify the one historical figure of the era highlighted at each station on their classroom worksheet to reveal a comprehensive write-up of the historical figure’s contributions.

    The Museum is in need of volunteers to help staff these exhibits and is requesting assistance from community members.

    If you would like to help the AAMBC now through donation or volunteering, please contact Linda Salley at 215-752-1909 or e-mail


    Community Exhibits: The AAMBC will also exhibit two displays in Doylestown during the month of February. These exhibits are free and open to the community. One display will feature the Civil Rights Movement, highlighting important figures and events from the 1950s and 1960s leading up to the present day. The second display will focus on Hidden Figures of Bucks County. It is called: “Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things.”

    The exhibits will be held in two locations in Doylestown right near each other, and visitors are encouraged to visit both.

    One display will be in the County Courthouse Administration Building at 55 Court Street, Doylestown, and the second will be at the Justice Center, accessed through the main entrance at 100 N. Main Street.


    About the African American Museum of Bucks County

    The AAMBC, founded in 2014, honors the legacy of the African American experience, inspiring pride in our heritage, educating the public about the diverse and difficult journey of African Americans, and sharing stories that depict our shared ancestry. For more information on the Museum and its upcoming programs, membership program and donation opportunities, please visit our website: The AAMBC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible under IRC Section 170.





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