Support local eateries this holiday season

    For the love of food, they endure

    It’s important for us to continue to support our local eateries. Things are still far from normal in the hospitality industry. Restaurants, bars and other small eateries faced a series of restrictions that drove many out of business. Those who “braved the storm,” so to speak, and remained open continue to pivot and rebrand, offering new product lines, alternative seating options and menu changes, plus curbside pick-up and/or delivery options.

    Even if staying home, there are many ways to support your local eateries from the comfort of your sofa!

    Order Take-Out/Delivery

    You don’t have to miss out on your favorite dishes this holiday; treat yourself (and your loved ones) to an evening without cooking. You can also take some of the pressure off the home chef by ordering side dishes or desserts to accompany home cooking. Guests that want to contribute to the feast can also support local restaurants by pre-ordering carry-out specialties.

    When you order take-out from local restaurants, especially small mom-and-pop places, please keep in mind that orders may take longer to prepare. A severe staffing shortage affects many establishments. Be kind and considerate!

    Buy Gift Cards and Merchandise

    Support your favorite eatery now and dine later when you buy a gift card. Purchasing a gift card allows restaurants to make money now and gives you or your loved ones the gift of looking forward to a future meal (or two). Many eateries also offer merchandise such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, coffee mugs or glasses, and everything in between. Show your support with some swag.

    Write Positive Reviews

    If you love the food, take some time to write a positive review. This can really boost the profile of a restaurant, and helps others discover new places to enjoy food and beverage. A review can go a long way and can sometimes be the deciding factor for new customers deciding whether or not they want to try the food. So, if you love something, let the world know! This is a great way to keep your support long lasting, as reviews persist in the virtual world.

    Be Kind and Patient

    These remain stressful times; being mindful and aware of how our actions can affect others is important. Be kind to your fellow humans. Simply saying the words “When you get a chance…” before making a request shows your waiter that you are understanding. Your waiter/waitress, bartender, and others who work in the food-hospitality industry are under high levels of stress. Giving them some extra kindness can go a long way in someone’s day.

    Even if you have to wait a little longer or aren’t able to order everything on the menu, keep in mind businesses are experiencing many shortages the same as grocery stores, and haven’t been able to find staff.

    Consider tipping a little more generously, whether dining in or carrying out.

    In our current state of the world, the intimate nature of dining out comes with a little more risk, but it’s not impossible to support your local eateries and keep them running, while staying safe! With the above tips for offering support, we can work together as a community to keep businesses up and running, people in our community happily fed, and help each other survive a time of life that will certainly go down in history.

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