‘Shop small’ to support the community this season

    Shopping small is essential to support our local community. Make a commitment to support local businesses this holiday season

    Small businesses are defined by our spirit: the tenacity, ambition, and resilience it takes to create a brand and continue forward in the face of uncertainty. There are many ways to support local small businesses, and many reasons why it’s so important.

    Vital for Our Survival

    Small businesses are central to the heart of our community. They help raise and inspire the next generation, and work collectively to create and preserve the character of our neighborhoods. When we are mindful of the social impact on our community, we recognize how essential small businesses are to the survival of our town.

    Small businesses provide jobs; they help people learn skills, gain experience, and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.

    Support Local Families

    When you buy local, you support families who own, work and supply the businesses in your community.

    Buying small supports strong foundations and community connections, keeps money in the community and helps local families stay housed and well fed. (In fact, according to Forbes, $68 of every $100 spent at a local independent store is reinvested in the community, compared to $43 from a national chain and $0 from spending online).

    Shop small and provide a little extra support to local families.


    You may not realize how far-reaching the ripple effects extend when you shop local. With climate change affecting our world, it’s a big thing to make small steps in reducing pollution; not only does it help our community but ensures the health and safety of future generations.

    Many local independent businesses offer locally sourced products, cutting down on the carbon footprint of packaging and transportation. Shopping local also conserves tax dollars!

    Unique Finds

    Small businesses often provide unique gifts you can’t find elsewhere. Shopping small is a wonderful way to find something special that your friends and family will cherish for years to come.

    Treat Your Loved Ones

    Not quite sure what to treat your loved ones to this year? Ask your favorite businesses if they offer gift certificates this holiday season. Gift certificates are a great way to support the community and allow loved ones the pleasure of choosing something special for themselves.

    Browse spotlights in this edition to see what small businesses are doing to stay open and keep you safe this year!

    Consider the following to help support your local community:

    • Try the menu at a local restaurant;
    • Purchase a gift from a local shop;
    • Visit a local nursery or hardware store;
    • Get your car serviced at a local mechanic;
    • Hire a local home-improvement contractor;
    • Visit a farmers market to purchase local food products and specialties such as beeswax candles.

    These are just a few; the list goes on!

    Seeking out small businesses when holiday shopping this year will spread more cheer by upholding a successful and strong community. Think of it as your gift to your home town.

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