Business Profile: YOGAMAZIA

by Karen Sangillo

With so many choices out there, it can be hard to know which activity you should send your children to. And while we all know that sport, music, and art take regular practice and dedication, yoga is no different. The difference with yoga is the deeper physical, mental, and emotional benefits that children can gain from attending classes regularly. In fact, studies show that taking part in a regular yoga practice is often effective in reducing anxiety and depression in children.

Located at Mallard Creek Village on Almshouse Road in Richboro, YOGAMAZIA is a dedicated kids and family yoga studio with a mission to empower kids to learn and love yoga in order to strengthen their minds, bodies and spirits, starting from the womb. They provide pregnant persons, children and families an opportunity to learn and practice yoga in an engaging, non-competitive environment. 

As well as physical poses, all classes introduce students to meditation, breathwork, and mindfulness techniques through age-appropriate games and activities. They use structured curricula that include a social emotional learning framework designed to help students turn anxiety and worry into confidence and courage. Also incorporated into all of their classes are their values of Gratitude, Respect, Authenticity, Community, and Equity (G.R.A.C.E), displayed visually on the main wall of their studio.

Taught by fully qualified yoga instructors and named after yoga poses, Yogamazia’s classes are tailored to the developmental needs of each age group. 

Their prenatal yoga class is named ‘Goddess’, after the pose that opens the hips and strengthens the uterus to get ready for birth. Their ‘Little Lotus’ class focuses on postnatal recovery and include babies and crawlers to build back parent’s strength and teach simple baby massage and yoga poses that aid in development of their fine motor skills. The ‘Lotus’ class is for toddlers using exploration, movement and breathing through simple communication and playful activities. These classes are a great place for new caregivers to form a community.

As our children grow older and eventually approach adulthood, their development takes another leap forward. Nurtured correctly, this leap can see our kids become passionate, kind, and caring adults. Their ability to build healthy relationships, make thoughtful decisions, and be resilient in the face of challenges all depend on their social and emotional intelligence. Yoga can help them learn these and other non-academic skills to develop and succeed in life.

Beginning at the preschool level is the ‘Hero’ class geared at three- to five-year-olds where students are introduced to the basic principles and practice of yoga through stories, imagination and props while learning to gain confidence with their independence.

School-aged students from six years through teen are known as ‘Warriors’, and are taught the fundamentals of yoga, including proper alignment of poses and relaxation techniques. The more empowering pre/teens sessions are aimed at creating confident, compassionate leaders of the future.

They hold a regular, donation-based family yoga class for caregivers and children to bond, connect, and spend some quality time together, where all proceeds go to a local non-profit organization that provides free services to cancer patients in Bucks County. They also host birthday parties and monthly kids’ parties open to non-members.

Yogamazia supports and complements the work already being done to help our kids manage their mental and physical health through evidence-based techniques and practices. In addition to regular classes, they serve as a local resource to help bridge the gap between pediatricians, educators, counselors and therapists while engaging the community and partnering with local businesses and schools to run programs outside of their studio location. 

All children and families are welcome regardless of their physical ability, race, gender, sexuality, or socioeconomic background.

Empower your kids to learn and love yoga with YOGAMAZIA!

Learn more at | (855) 466-2942 |

PHOTO CAP: Yoga helps our kids learn to love themselves and others, show compassion, and stand up for their beliefs. (Photo credit: Dantone Creative)

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