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Is cannabis safe for kids?

This article will explore the safety, efficacy, and potential anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties of whole-plant cannabis-based products for adolescents and adult therapeutic use. Given the sensitivity of the topic, we’ll focus mostly on artisanal whole plant CBD-rich preparations.

Brady’s Botanicals owners Roger and Sharon state “We’re seeing more parents visit our store curious about the use of our products to control symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress for both their children and themselves”.

As the new school year draws near, parental expectations, societal pressure, and school life put pressure on students. We should note that the level of stress among students is a well-studied matter. A large population of teens is experimenting with cannabis products mainly for perceived symptom control.

In a 2018 study, the American College Health Association showed that 63% of college students across the US experienced overwhelming anxiety. 23% indicated that they had been professionally diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, for which many were prescribed anti-anxiety and/or anti-depression pharmaceuticals.

A survey conducted among Syracuse University students showed that 47% used CBD to manage anxiety or pain. There is a growing body of cannabis research that emphasizes the ability to control symptoms of anxiety, stress, sleep dysregulation, pain, and mood with the therapeutic use of whole-plant CBD-rich cannabis-based products.

Brady’s Botanicals is “Seed to Sale”, which means that all of Brady’s products are organic, locally grown, harvested, and processed in their own FDA-approved pharmaceutical grade lab. This ensures the safety, efficacy, and quality of all their products.  

Roger states “We are currently the only seed-to-sale company in PA that’s fully legal without a medical ID card. We control of our entire product line. Kids are purchasing products from vape shops, and that’s a horrifying problem”.

When considering the potential therapeutic use of a cannabis product as an alternative and/or supplement to a pharmaceutical medicine, it’s paramount to know what’s in your products, and how to use them to achieve your desired outcome effectively. Vape Shops and underground markets simply cannot accurately evaluate their products, nor are they adequately trained in the safe use of cannabis-related products.

In-store visits are recommended. Free shipping for online orders. Military Discount available. Loyalty reward point program.

Store located at 364 West Trenton Avenue, Yardley-Morrisville, PA 19067. Call (833) 692-7239 or visit

PHOTO CAP: Horse-drawn Hand Planted Organic regenerative farming done by Brady’s Botanicals.

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