Summer Fashion Flashbacks at Fashion Gem Apparel

submitted by Nicole Wehner, Personal Stylist & Boutique Owner

In the world of fashion, trends always come back, even the ones you wished you would never see again. The good news is, they’re always updated and modernized and you find yourself feeling nostalgic and falling for these trends all over again!

It was a Wednesday afternoon and Liv, our Social Media Content Creator walked into the Fashion Gem Apparel Boutique (The Gem), camera, phone and notebook in hand, ready to take some photos and film some TikToks and reels! Kara and I were picking out some dresses that Kara could model and I had on our just in, high-waisted white-cropped kick flare jeans with a cropped crochet rainbow top and our favorite cropped, distressed, jean jacket over top with a pair of block heel, vegan suede sandals. I had a few different tops to pair with the white jeans to show a fun, a classy and a cute and casual look. 

Earlier in the week I had asked Liv to research fashion trends to help inspire some ideas for our social media posts and videos. Liv kept using the word “aesthetics” which is apparently the new term for “style” or “trend” and they mentioned the early 2000s Asthetic or Y2k Aesthetic was making a comeback! You’ll find cardigans, cropped tops, camis, bucket hats and butterfly clips in a pastel pallete of pinks, blues, purple and yellow. 

Very quickly, Kara and I started to incorporate the word “aesthetic” into our conversation and now it’s just a part of our vocabulary. 

Some of the other aesthetics we are embracing at The Gem are Cottagecore, think floral prints, flowy sundresses, floral maxi skirts and wide linen pants. Kidcore, think bright colors, rainbow prints and a youthful look and Normcore which, as it sounds, are your classic basics, your solid colors that are essential to creating a wardrobe capsule.

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