Spotlight: Capstone Physical Therapy and Fitness

Effective physical therapy treats the patient as a whole

Capstone Physical Therapy and Fitness is a full-service Physical Therapy practice with three local offices, located in Morrisville, N.E. Philadelphia, and Southampton. At Capstone Physical Therapy we treat the patient as a whole. By looking at the entire kinetic chain we work to get to the root cause of the issue as opposed to just treating what hurts. 

Mark Donathan and Brian Kirby each have over 20 years of experience and are both certified fellows of Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute. This is a distinction that very few Physical Therapists in the area have. 

We use a unique approach based on in-depth training in biomechanics involved in human movement. When assessed at Capstone Physical Therapy, you receive a detailed evaluation tailored to your specific dysfunction.  We look closely at balance, flexibility, strength and endurance. 

Take, for example, a patient with knee pain causing difficulty with walking. Conventional practice would be to measure the strength and range of motion and then give the patient a program to address those deficits. In contrast, Mark and Brian look at how the foot, ankle and hip on both left and right sides affect functionality.

We look at gait mechanics, strength, static balance, and dynamic balance. Assessing each patient individually in this manner allows us to get to the cause of the problem more efficiently, which leads to a faster and more complete recovery. At Capstone we make use of the True Stretch cage to get the patient into upright functional positions where we can perform manual techniques and stretching/strengthening/balance exercises in a pain-free manner.

From there, we progress to outside the cage using bodyweight resistance, gradually increasing difficulty levels without pain. We issue video home exercise programs—much more detailed than a sheet of paper—and tailor each home program specifically to the individual. 

Some of our best success stories are from patients who failed an attempt at therapy already.  Instead of turning to medications, injections or surgery, it may be better to consider another attempt at therapy with therapists who use a different approach. Our focus is not only to help to restore pain-free function, but to make you better than you were before you were injured.

For a consultation, call 215-677-1149.

Caption: Mark stretching a patient’s hip flexor in true stretch cage.

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