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The Northampton Township Business & Professional Association (NTBPA) held a business card exchange this month with three special presentations to members and the community at Richboro Swim Club. A plaque of recognition was presented to family members of Robert J. Finley, who recently passed away and left a legacy of philanthropic work to benefit the citizens of Northampton Township.

Bob was a chairperson for the Richboro 2000 initiative to revitalize the center of town with walkways and supporting local businesses.  He was also the Chairman of the committee to Re-Use the Warminster/Northampton Naval Air base. Bob worked to secure land for Ann’s Choice, the Northampton Municipal Park and the land for the Churchville Fire Department. The remembrance was deeply appreciated by family members.

“If Bob was standing here,” said Bob’s wife, Carole, “he would be humbled and in tears like I am now. He jumped into community development with two feet and never required any acknowledgement from anyone for his work.”

The Northampton Township Police department shared two projects that are being supported by the NTBPA, a K-9 project and Thanksgiving food-boxes for the needy. Officer John Hearn introduced his new K-9 partner, Pako, a two-year-old Belgian Malinois Shephard who came from a breeder in Slovakia.

“He has a passport,” John laughed. “We’ve always wanted to do this and are able to with generous support of the community.

John and Pako completed an eight-month training program in March of this year and are now working together on patrol and in special operations. Pako demonstrated his unique talents of searching for items based on odor to a cheering group of NTBPA and swim club members.

“We hit a home-run with him,” added Lieutenant David Egan who then shared the status of the Thanksgiving food-box project.

“The NTBPA and the PD will be collecting food / boxes for 300 families in need for Thanksgiving,” he said.  We have collected $2,500 so far from local business and we hope to raise more.

“This business association is back up and getting things done,” said Co-President, Thomas Rodman. “We are now planning a celebration of the township’s 300th anniversary in September and we would like to invite community members and businesses to get involved in this with us.”

For more information and to donate to these worthy causes visit the NTBPA website at

PHOTO CAPS: 1. NTBPA Co-President Tom Rodman (left) with Carole and John Finley during the plaque presentation for Bob Finley.

  1. Officer John Hearn with his K-9 partner, Pako.
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