How to choose a non-registry wedding gift they’ll love

    Choosing a meaningful gift celebrating the newlyweds’ life together and that they’ll treasure isn’t easy; Krysset is here to help!

    Are you having wedding season gifting overwhelm? What do you get couples that they’ll love, enjoy, and use for years to come?! That’s a daunting dilemma!

    Sure, registries make it easy to shop, but often feel impersonal. Krysset Gallery + Shop (Yardley) is here to help!

    Gone are the days of gifting silver platters and china. How people live and entertain has become more casual; modern families rarely use those formal items. Looking at the couple’s registry for guidance helps get a sense of their taste and lifestyle.

    This is important because while people may live less formally, they do like their homes to feel stylish, sophisticated, and cohesive. A little “registry sleuthing” will go a long way to ensure the duo will love your choice; now it’s time to shop!

    There are two rules I always follow at Krysset when helping customers choose wedding gifts. First, buy well made. Second, buy unique.

    Bring those together with your knowledge of the couple; you can’t go wrong!

    Since everything at Krysset is hand selected and artisan made in the US or Canada, we’ve done the bulk of the work for you, too. Popular wedding gift choices at Krysset are hardwood charcuterie boards (handmade by a fourth-generation woodworker!) – perfect for snack dinners and entertaining. Our line of sleek, geometric ceramic serveware (a women-owned business!) in “new neutral” colors like ivory, dusty blue, and blush are functional pieces built for a lifetime of use.

    Complimenting items like hand-hewn solid copper or brass tasting spoons, spreading knives, cocktail picks and stirs make for a strikingly unique, unexpected gift. Come shop Krysset to create joyful, meaningful connections to the newlyweds for memories that will last a lifetime.

    Visit us in Yardley at 45 E. Afton Avenue, on, or follow @krysset_shop for more inspiration!

    PHOTO CAP: Handmade ceramic serveware, hand forged copper flatware, honey, candles, coasters and table runner are all made by female artisans in the US and Canada.

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