Here’s what NOT to do before putting your home on the market

submitted by Lynne Kelleher, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services/Fox Roach Realtors Newtown Office

Don’t Over-Improve While it’s important to fix broken cabinets, remove peeling wallpaper and replace dead landscaping, don’t be getting all crazy with making improvements you think will impress the buyer and may not. Putting granite on those original oak cabinets isn’t going to fool anyone into thinking you’ve got an updated kitchen, and no one is paying you more money because you paid $1000 for the faucet when one for $250 would have been just fine.

Don’t Over-DecorateWhile I know you LOVE the look of chrome and mirrors, chances are most buyers don’t. That hot pink color your daughter thought was AWESOME when she was seven, probably isn’t going to cut it, so tone it down. Keep your color scheme neutral and soothing to appeal to the masses. Make sure your trim work is freshly painted. And for goodness sake, take down that glamour shot you did for your husband for your 15th anniversary – you know, the one on the bear rug that hangs over your bed. Yes, I’ve seen it.

Don’t Think No One Will Notice Your Windows Are Dirty or that the grout in your bathroom is brown. Clean the place until it sparkles and bribe the kids (or your spouse) if you must so you’re sure it stays that way.

Don’t Stay Home During Showings Even though you know your house better than anyone and want to be sure Buyers recognize all the wonderful things about it, get outta dodge when your house is being shown. Buyers need to imagine themselves living in your home and its awkward to look in cabinets or closet with you there. If you absolutely cannot leave, then make yourself scarce and let them discover it on their own.

Don’t Take Things Personally One of the most exciting things for a buyer is to make their new home their own, which will most certainly mean changes. Remember – you did the same thing! Don’t take offense when they want to modernize that which is “perfectly fine the way it is.” 

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PHOTO CAP: Lynne Kelleher (right) with Grace Deon

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