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How do you know when it is time to take down a tree?

As spring arrives and the yardwork begins questions may arise about the health and status of the trees on your property.

They could be getting taller than you thought or look like they have seen better days. Now the question arises, “Do I take it down?”

This can be a tough question for some who cherish them and the many benefits they bring. This is when it is beneficial to contact an ISA Certified Arborist to help with your decision. An arborist can identify any issues and advise on the steps that should be taken, which could include removing the tree.

The first step is to examine the trees health. Some telltale signs that a tree is in decline are dieback, conks on the trunk or large leads or root rot.

There are other signs as well, but these will be the most noticeable.

As you start from the ground and work your way up look at the roots and see if there are mushrooms around. These are a sign of organic matter decaying.

Next is to check the trunk. Is there rot at the base, or conks and decay on the trunk? As we continue up to the crown, do you see dead branches, or bark falling off?

Any of these problems can be a sign that your tree is in decline.

The next step is to evaluate the location of your tree. Is the tree in an area where damage will occur if a lead were to break off?

Trees that are perfectly healthy can still be damaged in storms due to weak spots.

A consultation with an arborist will enable them to identify weak spots in your tree and recommend a course of action that can be taken.

Such actions could be the addition of cabling, bracing or staking.

The last reason that a tree should be taken down is that it has outgrown the area in which it was planted. Once a tree has outgrown its area, their decline is imminent. This often happens to trees in our area since large trees were planted in small yards.

An arborist consult can help you decide if the removal is a good decision and suggest a tree that will not grow as large as a replacement.

So as the weather gets warmer and you start firing up the grill, take a second and examine your trees. A healthy tree will add a nice touch to your yard.

Joe McIlvaine Tree & Lawn provides superior professional tree services for all of your tree maintenance and removal needs. They are fully licensed and insured with a Certified Arborist on staff.

For a consultation and free quote call 215-322-8394 or visit us at

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