Spotlight: Castle Garden Center

Remembering Our Heroes 

As the garden center winds down after 40 years in business, I wanted to reflect on what impact, if any our business had on our community. 

Scrolling through my camera, I could not get past the image of my good friend Bob Scarborough. Bob will be marching again in the Langhorne Memorial Day Parade on May 30th. 

Reflecting on my business compares little to the quiet life of Scarborough, a Langhorne resident, Vietnam Era soldier, Neshaminy School bus driver of 37 years, and Honor Guard member of the American Legion Jesse Soby Post 148 for 49 years. 

In 1971, at a time when America was in turmoil, Bob enlisted in the US Army.  He knew what real community meant coming from the little community of Langhorne.  Bob left home to serve at Fort Dix and offered four years of his life for all of us.  People like Bob are the real heroes to towns like Langhorne, Hulmeville, Parkland, Trevose, and every other little town across America.  

When Bob marches in the parade this year, it will be his 49th trek through town.  He will hobble and limp, hiding the pain, and pause to catch his breath. He will hold his flag high as if in battle at Iwo Jima. He will shoot his gun in salute to Taps, remembering those comrades who have lost their lives, yet never losing their sacred honor. He will shed a tear during the invocation, and hope others don’t think he is weak. 

In his mind, constantly contemplating, did he serve his country well enough for the people in attendance, many who will never know the sacrifices that men and women, moms and dads, brothers and sisters have experienced.

When Bob comes walking down the street this year, flag etiquette is to stand at attention, put your phone down, stop your conversation, place your hand over your heart, salute if appropriate, and thank Bob and his fellow soldiers for making a difference in our town.

Thank you, Bob and the men and women of the Jesse Sooby Post 148. May God protect you, and may we never forget.

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