Spotlight: Fashion Gem Apparel Boutique

We’ve all had that “Sliding Doors Moment,” a moment when you had the chance to get on the train or just turn and walk away and go on living your life as it were.

My moment happened a year ago, last April. I had just signed the lease to a store front located at 11-B E. Centre Avenue in Newtown and the Fashion Gem Apparel Boutique was born.

Now, my decision, certainly, was not made in a moment; I had known about the vacancy for months, had several walkthroughs with the realtor, discussions with my husband, family and friends, but I knew in that moment when I signed the lease, I would have to put all my efforts into making my dream a real success!

A lot of people thought I was brave to start a new business during a pandemic, others thought I was crazy.

The next two months I thoughtfully planned and executed a renovation from floor to ceiling with my future customers in mind.

I had a vision of two friends, spending the day in the Newtown Borough, going for a coffee at The Coffee Room and then taking a stroll down State Street, looking up Centre Ave and noticing a new boutique!

“Welcome,” I would say, as the ladies walked in. “When did you open? I didn’t know you were here!”, the ladies both echoed. “Our grand opening was July 1st! Take a look around and I can help you put some fabulous outfits together!”

The boutique is designed with an outfit wall, to the left, as you walk in.

There, you’ll see different looks that range from casual beach outfits, office and date night outfits, or the perfect holiday dress.

Across from our Outfit Wall, we have a Parisian bench where shoppers can relax and enjoy the fine fashions and chat about their next outing, event or adventure and get some style advise and tips while slipping on the latest new sandals.

Did Newtown really need another women’s clothing boutique?

I really think we opened at the perfect time!

Customers often comment that they not only love the styles and the quality of our clothing and accessories, but they’re also amazed at the price points.

In a time when we’re all trying to conserve and cut back, Fashion Gem Apparel is the perfect place to find fabulous fashions you love, at affordable prices, without sacrificing your style!

Almost a year in a glance.

July 1st will be our one (1) year anniversary and it was a great first year!

The feedback from customers has been amazing and we continue to spread the word! We typically have events at the boutique once a month.

We love the party atmosphere, and we’re always looking for a reason to celebrate!

Follow @fashiongemapparel on Facebook and Instagram to see our latest styles and events.

With the warmer weather, we’re hoping it will bring more people to our lovely town, turning the corner at Centre Ave to find us!

PHOTO CAP: Nicole Wehner, Personal Stylist/Owner, Fashion Gem Apparel Boutique

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