Spotlight: Balance Found with Dr. Paul Kosmorsky

Sharing a man’s journey with BHRT

It may be a common misconception that hormone imbalances happen only in women. Men can experience an imbalance in hormones as well, often leading to many complications.

Just one such instance came with our patient, Joseph. Joseph is in his mid-50’s and always prided himself in being one of the fittest men since back in his high school hockey days.

Joseph came to Balance Found a few years ago for treatment and shared with us many stories about his evening hockey team.

Hockey keeps him in shape, but he found with dismay that even as his physical appearance was fit, his body composition was changing from a hard lean muscle to a softer body type with a layer of fat over his arms, legs and mid-section.

On top of the physical changes, Joseph noticed a decrease in overall energy and difficulty sleeping through the night, even though he was exercising through his continued sports league. Enough was enough!

His hockey buddies spoke of low-T (Testosterone) and low libido as well as performance issues when it came to intimacy.

The day he decided to come to Balance Found, was when Joseph’s sexual performance became inconsistent. His wife was convinced he was tired from “playing too rough” for someone his age but Joseph started on a journey of doing his own research. His chiropractor mentioned a safe and natural way to replenish his Testosterone, and this led him to us.

After several years on our bio-identical hormone pellet therapy, Joseph is pleased to report he feels as young as he looks (and acts)! His enthusiasm for life, his energy and his passion for sports and his wife is evident now that he has found his balance.

Give us a call at 215-BALANCE (225-2623) to see if your testosterone is low and let us help get you back in the game. Visit us at for more info.

We have been helping men and women for over 8 years to find a hormone balance that will keep them feeling fit and active.

Balance Found is located at 303 Floral Vale Boulevard, Yardley.

We are the #1 provider of bioTE in the Northeast U.S. region. bioTE is an all-natural, drug-free hormone treatment that is bio-identical (not synthetic).

PHOTO CAP: Joseph found his balance with us and got back in the game!

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