Newtown Answering Service

In this age of technology, it’s easy to turn people away with a robotic answering machine or an automated service; that’s why inbound call centers like Newtown Answering Service are here – to not only save your business money, but to help your business increase its revenue.

Newtown Answering Service has been based locally in Morrisville for the past 7 years, but they have been in business as an inbound call center since 1968. And though their name has ‘Newtown’ in it, it’s solely based on their roots – they serve all of Bucks County, and beyond.

With an intimate focus around and knowledge of the Bucks County area (owned and operated by local Bucks County residents), Newtown Answering Service offers a 24/7, 365 boutique answering service.

Newtown Answering Service prides itself on providing the highest quality of service possible. They have been honored by winning the 2021 CAM-X Award of Excellence (7 years in a row) and most recently the 2022 NAEO Superior Agent Service Award.

“It’s our team that makes the difference. When we become your answering service, we treat all your calls as an extension of your company. It’s important to have our customer’s callers believe they are reaching that business,” says owner and president Theran Mossholder.

It’s a personal focus catered to your business, no matter what you do – whether you’re a medical professional with people calling to reschedule appointments or get refills on prescriptions, a property manager who has people calling for maintenance, or an HVAC company receiving a broken A/C call, Newtown Answering Service is there to ensure your patients, residents, or customers receive a live person on the phone at any time of day.

No matter the time of the call, Newtown Answering Service’s team will answer and direct the caller based on your company’s procedures. They act as the middleman and provide professional service, both during and outside of your regular business hours.

In today’s highly competitive world, customers are demanding ‘after hours’ services and Newtown Answering Service is there to help. For ‘after-hours’ business calls, they first determine if the call is an emergency or not based on your specific business’s procedures. In the event of an emergency (i.e., the caller’s A/C unit has stopped working, or their son has a raging fever), they then forward it to your on-call team for immediate attention.

Newtown Answering Service can help with staffing as well. Finding employees has become a real issue for many businesses both small and large.

Working with Newtown Answering Service businesses can free up their team from basic tasks like answering calls and focus on what they do best, running their business.

Newtown Answering Service’s team is ready to help.

During normal business hours Newtown Answering Service can act as your secretary, answering calls, connecting callers to employees, or answering basic questions. They can even monitor inbound email or text message requests and respond to them. The options are endless.  

With flexible message delivery options (call, email, fax, text, pager or even HIPAA-compliant phone messaging app), and affordable rate plans to meet any business size or need, Newtown Answering Service offers the flexibility to run your business without the worry of who will answer the phone.

Newtown Answering Service is family-owned and operated, offering a personal and dedicated team of over 30 courteous and professional customer service representatives who are always eager to answer the phone with a pleasant voice and personal attention.

“We cater to offering high quality answering services to our customers,” says Theran. “It’s important to us that we get to know our customers, and that our customers get to know our team. Working together is how we provide that great service to callers.”

To learn how Newtown Answering Service can help your business, give them a call at 215-752-5050 or email

Find them online at for more information on what they do or to browse rates and services. You’re on the way to a beautiful partnership!

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