Spotlight: Insurance Shops

Insurance news update for spring 2022!

Under 65? New: Do you need Health Insurance?

New Special Enrollment Period beginning 3/10/22 allows us to get you health insurance all year long in PA and qualify for large subsidies to help pay for it. 

Over 65/or on SSDI? – New: 5 Star Medicare plans are available in this area.

If you are unhappy with your current plan, or want to simply not pay a premium anymore, we can enroll you all year long onto these amazing 0 premium plans.

They may include no referrals medical, dental, vision, hearing aids, drugs, over the counter benefits, silver sneakers, free tele-med, and more.

Prices are rising for materials which will cause replacement of autos and homes to cost significantly more which will in turn cause insurance rates to rise.

Let us shop your rates to the many companies we work with, review your coverage, and potentially save you hundreds of dollars.

The most expensive thing you can ever do is be uninsured or underinsured. 

We now offer a life insurance settlement program. If your old life insurance policy is no longer affordable: you can now turn it into cash.

Remember that Go-Fund-Me is not life insurance.

Make sure your family is taken care of and let us review your policy today.

Rates are lower now so don’t wait till its too late.

Annuity rates have risen for the first time in years.

We offer Fixed Indexed Annuities from dozens of companies.

They offer guaranteed rates, with no risk of loss.

You can have a tax-free income for the rest of your life. It will pass to your beneficiaries’ tax free.

Business owners – We have NEW group ACA plans that can save employers thousands while offering more coverage to the employees.

These plans help you recruit and retain better employees.

They also offer great long term care benefits.

Insurance Shops is located at 246 Bustleton Avenue, Feasterville.

Call us at 215-613-4999 or visit

PHOTO CAP: Insure your toys (classic cars, boats, RV’s, bikes) with our Stated Value Program and save!

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