Spotlight: Breezy Point Day Camp C.I.T. Program

    Breezy Point Day Camp (BP) is an ACA accredited summer camp in Bucks County for children ages 2-14.

    Our beautiful seven (7) acres of land has unique play spaces and over 25 activities for campers to enjoy.

    Campers going into 8th and 9th grade are eligible for the Counselor In Training (C.I.T.) Program, where they get to work with younger children in the morning, socialize with friends and participate in activities around the grounds in the afternoon, and go on several off-campus trips throughout the summer.

    Our C.I.T. Program is led by Director, George Hanna, a middle school Physical Education teacher.

    George has worked at BP during the summer since 2000 and has been the C.I.T. Director for 10 years. George supervises the C.I.T.s, plans the C.I.T. events, and is also the supervisor of our Specialists.

    The C.I.T. Program is a unique summer experience for 8th and 9th graders, as they develop leadership skills by working with children, but also acquire independence when engaging in afternoon activities and off-campus trips.

    C.I.T.s are either placed with a group of our youngest campers in Jr. Camp, a group of elementary-aged campers in Sr. Camp, or with a specialty area like Nature or Athletics based on their interests.

    In the mornings, C.I.T.s stay with their assigned group or specialty area and learn skills that prepare them to be Junior Counselors.

    C.I.T.s become comfortable interacting and communicating with children and learn how to work as a team with the other counselors in the group.

    In the afternoons, C.I.T.s are scheduled to different activities where they can choose to participate or socialize with other C.I.T.s.

    There are also C.I.T. trips and events throughout the 8 weeks that vary from year to year.

    Trips offered include Top Golf, Funzilla, Altitude Trampoline Park, Bowling, the Movie Theater, Rock Climbing, Axe Throwing, and Hellerick’s Farm.

    Campers in the C.I.T. Program get the best of both worlds and develop skills that will benefit them in future jobs and opportunities.

    The family-oriented, safe atmosphere at BP encourages all campers to be themselves, try new things, and most importantly, have fun.

    If you are interested in learning more about the C.I.T. program or any of our camp or school programs, please call the office at 215-752-1987.

    You may also visit and follow us on Instagram @breezypoint1955 to see what makes BP so special!

    PHOTO CAP: The C.I.T. Program at Breezy Point teaches eighth and ninth grade campers the skills needed to be a great counselor and offers various off-campus trips. 

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