Spotlight: Balance Found with Dr. Paul Kosmorsky

Aging gracefully is something we all want to do.

At Balance Found, we aim to assist our patients in doing just that, ensuring you have the proper balance needed as your hormones shift and change.

You may be living with a lack of hormones and not even realize it!

Our patient, Samantha, is one such woman who came to us suffering from terrible bouts of joint pain. This began in the morning in her shoulder, then progressed into her hip and knee.

Not only was this painful, but it made it difficult for her daily. Tasks she normally wouldn’t struggle with such as carrying grocery bags, lifting her dog in and out of the car and even walking on a treadmill became tedious.

 “[It’s] making it hard to stay active,” Samantha told us. “And that’s not all… I have no energy.” After bringing her troubles to her family doctor, chiropractor, and even a nutritionist, nothing seemed to make a difference or help her.

“It never dawned on me that all this joint pain was coming from menopause and lack of estrogen!”

Samantha isn’t alone – there are many women who suffer with symptoms like weight gain, bloating, hot flashes and joint pain during menopause. Often, they assume this is a “normal” response, but at Balance Found, we are here to rewrite the narrative – these conditions can be fixed!

A drop in estrogen can cause your body to struggle with regulating metabolism, weight and reducing inflammation. A drop in Testosterone levels (yes, women have testosterone, too!) can cause a lack of energy and joint pain, as well as brain fog, irritability, low libido and depression.

Once we started working with Samantha, she started to feel as good as she did in her 30s!

At Balance Found, we use Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) to get you back on your feet.

Contact us to discuss your symptoms and situation today – call us at 215-BALANCE (225-2623) or visit us at for more info.

We are located at 303 Floral Vale Boulevard, Yardley.

PHOTO CAP: How Samantha got her hormones in balance.

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