Book review: ‘The Three C’s: How I Survived Crack, Cancer & Covid-19’

by Tianna G. Hansen

In Felecia Burton’s (aka “Author Doc B”) new memoir, ‘The Three C’s: How I Survived Crack, Cancer & Covid-19’, she explores all the choices she has made in life as well as all the obstacles she has run up against – the trials that were thrown her way from family burdens and losses to the seemingly endless search for love.

Author Doc B details how she came from a family of “street hustlers” and she herself learned how to hustle on the streets to make ends meet and help support her family.

One of six children, Felecia tells how her mother was shot by her father before she was age 10, and subsequently spent the remainder of his life in prison. Her oldest brother was shot right outside her elementary school and died shortly before Christmas at age 16. She was there to hold him as he lay in a puddle of his own blood.

Felecia proves through her storytelling just how brilliant she is, and the instinct for survival in this memoir is something that will motivate anyone. The life events described in her telling are nothing short of phenomenal things to have survived and overcome.

From first being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, to then contracting Covid at the beginning of the pandemic, she is a survivor and more than that: she has created a life that she thrives in.

Surrounded by the love and support of family and friends, and with her Islamic beliefs, Felecia “Author Doc B” shows just how much one person can endure and overcome. She prevailed and continued her education, determined to help others after surviving so much herself, to finally receive her doctorate.

As she writes in the introduction, “I once again had fallen in love, but this time it was with education.” Felecia now works as a Lead Clinician Substance Abuse Therapist; a survivor of drug addiction, breast cancer, and Covid-19.

This memoir, which acts as a self-help book for others to follow, details three sections: Surviving, Overcoming, and finally, Conquering. Felecia picked herself back up and had a metamorphosis from a life of hustling and doing anything she could to make ends meet, to a life of service and helping others overcome their own burdens and struggles.

In the back of the book, you’ll find Self-Help Tools, where Felecia writes, “It takes long-term SUPPORT and DETERMINATION to recover from drug or alcohol addiction, mental illness, serious medical illnesses, gambling, criminal behaviors or sex addiction.” Felecia has dealt with all these and more, and has become an emblem of hope and survival.

All is not lost, no matter how lost you may feel.

Come see Author Doc B at a special reading and book signing event on Saturday, April 9th, hosted by TeLouRo Jazz Café at 4:00pm, 826 W. Bridge Street in Morrisville. Call 267-797-5456 for more info. Felecia looks forward to meeting you! Or catch her on WURD 96.1 FM and 900 AM.

You can also check her out online at, contact her at 267-242-0399, or connect on her socials (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube) @AuthorDocB.

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