Spotlight: Tiny Adventure RC

A new hobby for you and your kids (or grandkids!)

We’ve introduced you to all that Tiny Adventure RC (Remote Control) has to offer you and your family – a new hobby, or a place to enhance one you’ve long coveted.

Hobby-grade drift cars, drones, boats, trucks and more – all you can dream of, plus a Drift and Drone Track for you to test out your skills are all available for you to explore an exciting new adventure at Tiny Adventure RC, located in the Fairless Hills Towne Center at 451 S. Oxford Valley Road.  

This month, we decided to spotlight one hometown story, two of our favorite customers: Mason, a grandson living in Langhorne, and his ‘PopPop’ Wayne who recently discovered a fun new hobby they can enjoy together.

Mason first came to us with a toy-grade car, hoping he could find an upgrade.

He was hooked the moment he tried out our Drift Track and fell in love with the unique opportunity to learn new skills. A new remote-control Drift Car was soon top of his wish list.

His PopPop enjoyed bringing him to the Drift Track, watching him play and enjoy himself with an engaging hands-on hobby, rather than glued to his gaming computer or another screen.

Now, Mason is always asking his PopPop when they can use the Drift Track, and he has a growing collection of hobby-grade cars with customized paint jobs and more.

There’s something to gain at Tiny Adventure RC for everyone – from grandparents to mothers and dads, this is an interactive hobby for kids and parents.

So if you’re looking for something to do while also learning new skills for the future, come see what we’re all about or call us at 215-736-1290.

We have an exciting new membership for our Drift/Drone Track. Visit us to learn more or check out – be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to stay updated on all the exciting adventures we’re having!

Don’t miss out – be part of the fun at Tiny Adventure RC.

We also repair and service all hobby-grade drift cars, boats and drones.

Download our app and give us a 5-star rating.

PHOTO CAP: Mason Alvarez ready to use the Drift Track.

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