ANEW Artist Alliance coming to AOY Art Center

AOY is proud and excited to present a pop-up show featuring the vibrant and colorful works of the “ANEW Artist Alliance” for two weekends this March. ANEW Artist Alliance is a group of 18 energetic artists who also just happen to be current or former patrons of the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK). This connection was made through a Facebook post on Yardley Boro’s page by a volunteer with TASK asking for exhibition locations. AOY jumped in and have been working with the group on everything from art selection and pricing to displaying their works in a professional gallery setting.

The public is invited to see the show: March 4th-6th or March 18th-20th from 12:00-5:00pm. AOY gallery volunteers and members of ANEW Artist Alliance will be your hosts. The art will be for sale.

Their unique stories can be found at One of the artists is Warcheerah Kilima who is originally from Tanzania, and offers these words of wisdom about art:

“Art is like therapy for me. I can express my feelings easily through my art. I will be doing art for the rest of my life because it is still the way I can express all my feelings.A lot of people have mental problems because they don’t have a place to put their anger. If all the people in the world did art, a lot of the problems would be solved because art is amazing!”
Please note that AOY requires all persons visiting the Center to wear face masks.

The Story of ANEW Artist Alliance:

In 2001, five self-taught visual artists who used the services of the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) and had participated for several years in the Extra Helpings art program at TASK, met with Extra Helpings volunteer Susan Darley to discuss the possibility of forming an artist cooperative. The nascent idea was to offer all TASK patrons, who possessed artistic interests and talents but did not have the personal resources to pursue their creative activities, a collegial environment in which to hone their creative abilities and ultimately sell their artwork and reap the benefits of their efforts. From the outset, the artists made all the decisions about how the A-TEAM was run and what projects it undertook. Membership in the group also provided an opportunity for the artists to learn entrepreneurial skills.

Over the past 20 years this talented group of artists, formerly known as the A-TEAM, have participated in hundreds of shows at diverse venues, including museums, galleries, corporate offices, governmental departments and non-profit organizations.

In the spring of 2021 the A-TEAM Artists of Trenton initiated a new venture of their own, renaming themselves “ANEW Artist Alliance.” The new home studio which they are now running for them self is located in donated display space in Princeton, New Jersey. The artists’ goal is to learn all the skills required to establish artistic careers of their own. These skills include: showing and selling their art at their display space, seeking additional venues, framing their artwork and hanging exhibits; meeting with buyers, curators and gallery owners; arranging publicity; and managing finances.

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